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Natural is More than Skin Deep

By: Cassandra Celestin

Society as a whole has become more health-conscious, while seeking organic and natural products that are beneficial orally and topically. Aside from our genomic factors, we are aware that the appearance of our skin and is a direct reflection of our diet. Today, the importance is placed on what we eat, what we drink, as well as what we apply to our skin.

In cosmetics, when we hear the word “natural” we automatically believe that the product is good. Unfortunately, natural is not always natural, nor does it mean that the product is good. In the context of cosmetics, the vague definition of the word and the lack of strict regulation in non drug cosmetics allow manufacturers to define “natural” in various ways. Cosmetic manufacturers may make claims that a product is natural while only incorporating a few natural ingredients into the formula. Yet, many other ingredients may be synthetic chemicals and contain preservatives that are not natural.

Cosmetics are a part of a culture’s history. It represents the creative and technical progression of a society. Cosmetics have evolved from the ancient civilization use of natural ingredients for grooming and beautifying.  However, not only did our Egyptian ancestors extract natural raw materials to creatively paint faces and body, but many had medicinal benefits.

In ancient civilization, there was a fine line in the roles that cosmetics and medicine would play for the benefit of beautifying and healing the skin. Natural ingredients that penetrated the skin’s epidermis and proved to be effective in cosmetics, led to a whole sector in cosmetic science that encourages advancements in this field. It can be overwhelming when trying to purchase cosmetics products with natural ingredients. Not only knowing which ingredients are used in a product but also the level of that ingredient to obtain optimal efficacy is important. Manufacturers are not obliged to disclosing the level of ingredients they used in products unless they are labeled OTCs and drugs. But there are some natural products with specialty ingredients that over a period of time, regardless of the amount used, will result in noticeable benefits.

Next time you go beauty shopping and you are scanning product labels for natural ingredients, here are a list of a few natural ingredients that have the potential to affect your skin in a positive way and have been proven to be effective for most.

Good for acne and aging skin. It is an anti inflammatory as well as an antioxidant. Naturally contains salicylic acid which aids in acne and helps regenerate skin cells.

Green Tea
Is an anti inflammatory and antioxidant that aids in skin hydration and soothing by inhibiting the enzyme break down of elastin and collagen

Is an anti inflammatory, it treats abnormal skin redness and aids in rosacea. It has also been beneficial in reducing dark under eye circle by blocking the enzyme production of melanin.

Is an anti inflammatory, helps calm and soothe skin irritation including eczema, poison ivy, and insects bite.

Loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidant. Brightens the skin, aids in skin aging by firming and smoothing through collagen synthesis.

Skin lightening. Inhibit skin overproduction of melanin skin pigment due to melasma and sun damage.

High in vitamin C and bromelain is an effective skin exfoliation and Smoothing. Bromelain enzyme helps soften the skin and synthesize collagen.


Makeup and Hair- Cassandra Celestin
Photographer- Dewayne Weise
Stylist- Waina Chancy
Model- Alek Mclean
Published- Rebelle Haiti Miami Dec-Jan 2016/17

Your Bridal Glam Fairy| On Location Miami Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist Team

The professional artists of Miami Makeup Artist and Hair Salon (MiamiMUAH) / Your Bridal Glam Fairy know that individual beauty is unique. What is considered beautiful or atheistically pleasing to one person may not be the same for another. However, quality is unanimously understood. We also believe that the products that are used and the manner in which they are applied are equally important in complementing the client’s beauty. Miami MUAH Salon and Your Bridal Glam Fairy was formed on these basis.

 About the Service

Miami Makeup Artist and Hair Salon is a company that provides hair care and makeup services. We cater to the specific needs of the beauty industry while offering clients new and innovative techniques to enhance their natural beauty. We pride ourselves in using high-quality make-up and hair products.
We offer simply the best for all needs and special occasions. Our services are personalized to exceed the expectations of our client’s most demanding desires.  We consult with our clients to get a clear understanding of what makes them feel good and what they want out of our services. We provide unparallel service tailored to their individual beauty.
As certified and license professionals we value making our clients extraordinary event the most memorable
We provided services both at our studio and client’s location. We are located in the Miami area and we service all of South Florida and are available travel for destination events.

Roses are Red and Violets are Blue

Miami Makeup Artist

While admiring someone’s lipstick color. We as women can’t help to wonder if that particular shade would look good on us.

Most women play it safe when choosing a lip color.  This of course is understandable since the vast options of cosmetic lines offer so many variations of lip color shades, tones and hues.  It can be overwhelming and challenging to find the right color that works with your skin tone.

However, having worked with so many skin tones and complexion on photo shoots and sets, I am here to tell you that sometimes it doesn’t matter as much matching the skin tones but more so focusing on the fashion. Try bold colors that you never imagined on yourself by using complimentary colors and hues on your lips that contrast your outfit and accessories. By experimenting with this, you can make any lip shade color look astounding and flattering for your lips, face and fashion style.


Photo: Dewayne Weise

Stylist: Waina Chancy

Makeup Artist: Cassandra Celestin

Model: Michelle, Front Managment

Makeup provided by ;  S.M.C.H.E.Z  Lipwear  (

Accessories provides by ;

Cassandra Celestin: The Beauty Chemist



Cassandra Celestin is known as The Beauty Chemist. She is one of the most talented cosmetic chemist, make-up artist and hair stylist in this creative and tremendous beauty industry. As a licensed cosmetologist, she has worked in the areas of print, theater, TV and film. Her work has graced the magazine pages of Essence, Glamour, Modern Salon, Zink, Hype Hair, Golf Magazine, and Celebrity Style 101 to name a few. She has worked on production sets for television networks such as ABC, MTV, VH1, NBC, Bravo, BET and Starz as well as various commercials, shows, operas, videos, and celebrities.

Cosmetic Chemist, Hair Chemist, Beauty Chemist
Cassandra Celestin Cosmetic Chemist

Cassandra is not your average cosmetologist, she holds Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Cosmetic Chemistry. As chemist she has over 15 years experience researching and developing personal care products for the cosmetic, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical industry. Many of her formulas have been displayed on countless beauty store shelves around the world under a variety of elite and recognizable brands such as, Clairol, Carson Dark and Lovely, L’Oreal, Vidal Sassoon, Unilever, Iso, Joico, TIGI, DS Laboratories,

Hollywood Beauty and Eden Body Works. She is a resourceful and creative chemist with excellent skills engineering high quality products that deliver significant marketplace advantage and customer value. She approaches the impossible as challenges easily resolved through vision and exploration. Cassandra is uniquely proficient in identifying and translating customer’s requirements into commercially new product ideas easily transferred to large-scale productions. While incorporating her cosmetology skills, she formulates products from customer’s perspective and as well as upscale development and manufacturing for long term stability.

Cassandra’s key strengths in Cosmetic Chemistry are in the following areas:

 Hair Color

 Ethnic Hair Care

 Skin Care

 Anti Aging

 Topical Delivery Systems

 Innovative Product Development

 Hair Re-growth

 Color Cosmetics

 Aesthetic Evaluation

 Salon/ Clinical Testing and Trials